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Erikk Aldridge

Erikk was the CEO at the Venice Club for 7 years and a longtime supporter of clubs dating back to his days with the Lakers and Dodgers.

Q – Erikk you worked at the Venice Club for a long time and are now on the other side – the Alliance Clubs are fortunate to have you on our side at AEG –what things excite you the most about supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs?
EA – The best part of being an advocate for clubs is knowing first hand that supporting our youth is fulfilling beyond measure. When I run into a club alum now playing college football or working as an attorney or helping to manage a restaurant, you know that you had a direct impact on making their life path a successful one.

Q – You have appeared on Teen Summit panels and moderated them – what value do you think the Teen Summit (which AEG has supported over the years) brings to the Club members?
EA – Teen Summit is a great opportunity for teens to start envisioning what their lives may become from a career standpoint.  For me, it is about being authentic and making a connection with the teens which allows them to be comfortable in answering questions and taking selfies with you.

Q – Tell us why AEG gets behind our programs like Teen Summit and Youth of the Year?  You also have brought joy to the Clubs with your December ice skating event and your BET experience which many of our youth benefited.
EA – AEG is committed to developing club members through a variety of AEG organized programs such as the BET Experience Youth program and job shadowing, and by sponsoring events such as Youth of the Year and Teen Summit. Our desire is to use our companies talented employee base and creative workplace environment to provide access and inspire young people

An Invitation
Mary Hewitt

The requirements to be a “Youth of the Year” is focused on Academic Achievement, Community Service, Character, fitness and sports, providing a well-rounded exceptional candidate for higher education. We have 22 outstanding nominees.