GET INVOLVED – Volunteer and Internships



Clubs depend on the support of community volunteers to enhance and broaden the scope of the programs and services provided at the Club. Each Club has different needs for volunteers, but primarily, opportunities at the Club include tutoring, coaching or refereeing in sports activities and assisting in the areas of homework help, technology classes and art projects.

As the safety of Club members is of ultimate priority, all volunteers will be asked to complete a background check and fingerprint scan prior to volunteering at the Club. Clubs also rely heavily on volunteers to assist with fundraising events, so if that is more along the lines of your interest and skill-set, please inquire about such opportunities with the Club nearest you. Please contact us about Volunteer Opportunities.

Adult Volunteer (Ages 18+)

Club Volunteers enjoy the hands-on experience that Boys & Girls Clubs offers. They have valuable knowledge and provide additional insight to enhance programs and activities in our Clubs. They also serve as an additional positive adult role model to Club Members. Club Volunteers work with the Director and Program Director at a designated Club on field trips, mentoring, programs, and other services involving our youth. Background check, volunteer orientation, and training are mandatory.

Corporate Group Volunteering

Corporate Group Volunteering is ideal for companies, organizations and schools that would like to participate in one or more special activities at our Clubs. This is an excellent way to incorporate team building and boost moral while providing an immediate benefit to the youth served by Los Angeles County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs. We can help you design and execute a customized project that aligns your company’s interests and values while fulfilling a need at a Club. Examples include STEM and STEAM, where a group performs a presentation or projects such as education and learning; and participate in TEEN SUMMIT as a panel or presenting as a career education process.  We also encourage companies to participate in third party fundraising campaigns.

If your company would like to schedule a large group project, please contact Mary Hewitt


The Los Angeles County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs works collaboratively with colleges to offer undergraduate and Graduate-level internships to highly motivated and committed students who wish to build upon their college education with hands-on work experience within the non-profit industry. Though uncompensated, programs are eligible for internship status and available at any time throughout the year.

The positions are approximately 15-30 hours per week.  Internships are available for the following departments:

  • Community Relations
  • Development/Marketing
  • Information Technology Social Media