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yoyblog400Congratulations to all of the Youth of the Year winners!

Take a walk down memory lane on your Alliance YOY experience through these videos!



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  1. Jannyda Sre
    Jannyda Sre says:

    This was such an amazing an memorable experience! I’m excited for the upcoming nominees and hear about their journey with the club.

    I think that this page needs more glam, colors, and pictures (from all of the post events before the main one). It would be a great way for future nominees to get an idea of what they will be a part of and what to look forward to.

  2. Anthony Romero
    Anthony Romero says:

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that first step should be taken at the Boys and Girls Club. I attended the Pasadena Club and the impact this organization has had on my life has only become bigger and better. I hope other youth of LA will make use of this community opportunity and experience the drive and excitement of being a YOY nominee.

  3. Sarah Subia
    Sarah Subia says:

    This Youth of the Year experience was definitely a memorable adventure because I had the chance to share my story with current BGC members and previous YOY candidates who have had the same experience. I have also had the opportunity to go through this journey with other nominees who I have been able to create a special bond with. I highly encourage BGC members become more involved and become Youth of the Year themselves.

  4. Baljot Chahal
    Baljot Chahal says:

    I’m so excited for all the upcoming events and activities! I can’t wait to partake in all these adventures and meet the other Youth of the Years! So far being YOY has been such an honor, and I can’t wait to see what this journey has in store!

  5. Victor Ibarra
    Victor Ibarra says:

    Being the youth of the year has been such an amazing experience and I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to experience it once more. I find the fact that the title of Youth of the year allows some of the best youth in the nation to share their stories with other youth and hopefully inspire those youth to strive for greatness as well. and I believe that that is something no one can put a price on. Once again I am super excited to be given this opportunity again and I am also very glad I am a member of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

  6. Diane Dizon
    Diane Dizon says:

    The Club is the place where I saw myself grow. It has been a place that inspired and motivated me to do well in every aspect of my life. It is my home away from home, which makes me feel safe and secure. I was able to reach my goal of being a YOY nominee because of this environment I had to become my backbone.

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